Our Mission

“As I See Myself Project” is a space where children will have a voice, where they can express themselves through art, where they can dream and draw their future and take a look at themselves in a mirror and realize that they are unique. This project will help them see they are perfect in their own way, and help them understand they are not alone. As I See Myself project will help them build their minds to be whatever they want to be in this life.

The possibilities are endless!

Our Vision

Create awareness about the needs that children are going through. Giving them a unique space where they can freely express themselves.


Self-reflection: This workshop lasts 1 day, plus a weekend to exhibit the artwork of the participants. The investment is $40 per child/person and it will include all the art materials and the installation of the mural. Keep in mind that this is a gift and will be donated to other foundations through your help.

  1. Painting made by children/person
  2. Mirrors
  3. Additional Space on the mural where parents and children can write their thoughts or feelings.

The ability to be creative is vital to the success of our children and the well-being of our world, now more than ever, as we face incredible challenges such as racial discord, wars, global warming, and mass extinctions. Individuals, organizations, and governments seek innovative solutions every day. According to the International Child Art Foundation, “Research indicates that a child who is exposed to the arts acquires a special ability to think creatively, be original, discover, innovate, and create intellectual property—key attributes for individual success and social prosperity in the twenty-first century.”  The world needs more and better thinkers. (https://artfulparent.com/2016/01/the-benefits-of-art-for-kids.html)

I believe that children are our future. We the “grown-ups” need to understand how important they are. We make them feel visible by listening to what they want to say or express, also by showing them love, respect, and discipline. By paying more attention to their needs, this world will have less people feeling broken inside, less people who forget to dream, less people who forget to love, less people who forget to believe, and less people full of fears and frustrations.