As I See Myself: Women Affirmation.

November 4, 2019

As I See Myself/Empowering Women  Art Workshop. We want to thank each of these beauties for such a magical night full of Feminine Power. Thank you all so much for coming and supporting our mission, for sharing your time with us, and for trusting and believing in what we do. Remember chicas, all this is not about us, it’s about to help other women in need of Love, we want to empower them through the healing power of Art! Thanks a lot for being the light for these women, for your beautiful energy and good vibes  Special Thanks to  @voicesforchildren and Dorothy  Marin from Voices you guys are the best! Thank you SO much for being part of our dream. Together we will make the difference.

From the Dreams Hatchery Foundation, we would formally like to thank Ms.Cheezious members and staff for allowing us to host two women empowerment events in the beautiful backyard at your restaurant. As a foundation, we are overwhelmed with gratefulness that Ms.Cheezious restaurant provided a welcoming and delicious experience that each of our guests enjoyed. We thank the Ms.Cheezious team and staff for helping us reach yet another goal, this event helped victims abused by human trafficking, young girls that are being abused, and children that are from low-income families/foster care shelters. The restaurant welcomed Dreams Hatchery with open doors and fine dining, working together for a greater cause.

Looking forward to doing AISM/Empowering Women with the women victims of abuse, violence, and human trafficking.

Stay tuned  for more