Our Mission

Planting love and self-acceptance seeds through the healing power of art and self-expression.
Using art in its different forms as a tool to help, inspire and create.

Our Vision 
Be a hatchery for dreams where everyone can be inspired to believe everything is possible in this life.

What Do We Hatch?
We offer fun art experiences for children and anyone who wants to keep their inner child alive! This is why our main focus are children. Why? Because it’s in that magical stage where everything begins, where dreams are more real than reality itself, where everything is pure, delicate and innocent, where life begins!
Dreams Hatchery was created to highlight the talents of every child, to show them that every piece of art is perfect and ingenious. Every idea counts! We are proud to say that through our Dreams Hatchery foundation, we are able to help children that come from low-income, foster care, victims of domestic violence, and children with cancer. For each workshop you take, an art class is donated to many children who do not have the opportunity to paint and express their feelings in a positive way.
Art is a form of releasing, cleansing, and healing. We believe that through art we can inspire those little dreamers to believe that everything they dream in this life can come true if they believe it.
We invite you to be a part of this creative experience, full of magic and lots of love!


Our Team

  • Isa Martinez
    Isa Martinez FOUNDER
  • Juli Alzate
    Juli Alzate CO-FOUNDER
  • Carlos Antonio
    Carlos Antonio OPERATIONS
  • Andres “Garcho”
    Andres “Garcho” Producer
  • Oscar Ordoñez
    Oscar Ordoñez CFO