As I See Myself Project

“As I see myself” is a project we created where children look at themselves in a mirror and paint a self-portrait on a canvas.

The self-portrait and the dynamics of the exercise help them discover many good characteristics and qualities in them while encouraging them to seek growth of the best traits of their personalities.

It also helps them identify and express negative emotions like sadness and loneliness or to discover repressed experiences such as bullying or verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.

While this experience does not diagnose or treat any psychological or mental issues It gives parents or guardians a better understanding of their child’s self-esteem and behaviors and points them in the right direction on how to approach counseling, medical or legal help. 

But the most important thing of this exercise is to provide children with words of affirmation. No matter what feelings they express, circumstances they have lived, or the behaviors they present, they are loved unconditionally, they are unique and they have hope and a future.


Dreams Hatchery