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Programs & Projects

Sheltered in Art
Mentorship Program
"Sheltered in art" is an 8-week program for children living in housing projects, shelters and foster homes and it is intended to help nurture personal development skills and encourage self-esteem and resiliency.
We are excited to announce that we are fundraising for a mobile studio to bring art experiences into our community.
Art on Wheels
As I see myself
The self-portrait exercise and its dynamics help youth and children discover many good characteristics, qualities, and best traits in themselves.
Mural, Project
1000 Faces of Hope is a mural created by children living in shelters and under foster care. We give these kids a platform to voice their current situation and channel their emotions through art.
1000 Faces of Hope
Partners & Supporters

Dreams Hatchery is made possible by our partners and donors:


Your generosity creates a greater impact on our community.