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Dreams Hatchery on Wheels

Our organization is acquiring a school bus to remodel and use as an art studio for the community.

Dreams Hatchery on Wheels

Dreams Hatchery on Wheels

Dreaming really is ONLY the beginning! We are so excited to announce that we are fundraising for an ART BUS! Dreams Hatchery will SOON be on WHEELS 🚌! But FIRST, the goal is to raise 20k as a community to buy the school bus which we will then RENOVATE into this dreamy, fun, colorful and exciting bus that will be a tool of transformation for many! The goal of this bus is to bring a difference to the children we serve. We want to make a long-lasting impact, and a bus is the beginning of creating unique experience that will be both healing and beneficial for each child AND adult that steps into the bus! We want to bring color and life to the doors of shelters, foster homes, rehabilitation centers for trafficking victims and families, and do more!

This dream could not have been possible without first and foremost, God! We also would like to thank and honor the amazing group that brought this dream to life, the Oralee! We also want to thank YOU all for your contributions in advance, every donation counts towards the goal and mission of inspiring DREAMERS!

We can’t do this alone! We need your help! Donate TODAY and be apart of the Dream that is currently hatching! The link will be in our bio!

We can’t do this alone- we need your HELP!

Your generosity creates a greater impact on our community.